Laser Vein Removal


Living Well Medical Spa helps free our patients from blue facial veins, leg veins and hemangiomas with our state of the art laser treatment. It’s an easy and efficient solution to a constantly growing problem. Vein disorders can now be treated using non-surgical, non-invasive technology.

The laser delivers brief light pulses through the skin’s surface, directly into the vein. The laser light is absorbed by hemoglobin (the substance that gives blood its reddish, purple color) and converted into heat. The heat stops blood flow by collapsing the walls of the vein. Once blood flow ceases, the vein will slowly be absorbed into the body, disappearing from sight.

The laser will produce a minor tingling feeling and can cause the skin to turn red. Discoloration will subside after a few days. The laser has a cooling agent in place in order to protect the outer layers of skin and minimize discomfort. If patients find the laser too painful, a local anesthetic can be used.

There are a few minor risks that can be associated with laser vein procedures.

  • insufficient removal of veins
  • slight discoloration of skin or pigment change
  • allergic reaction to anesthetic

These risks are rare, and if they do occur, are treatable. A consultation with the physician is recommended in order to gather all information prior to treatment.

Laser vein treatments aim at restricting blood flow to the unwanted veins in order to break apart the veins for absorption into the body. Treatment results are seen in several weeks.  Patients that take all the necessary precautions following their treatment can look forward to a vein disorder free life.

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