Weight Loss

The program is physician directed and staffed by a qualified diet coach. Included each month are two weigh-ins, one session with the diet coach and prescription weight loss supplements. ($100 per month)

At Living Well Medical Center, we do not focus on the USDA food pyramid. Obesity continues to be a growing epidemic in the US, costing Americans over 170 billion dollars a year. Since the launch of the 1st USDA food pyramid which focused on a low-fat diet, Americans became fat. Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and chronic inflammatory diseases have risen to dangerous levels, not only in adults but in children, as well. This epidemic is only going to get worse until we learn the science behind how our bodies use certain foods and why it is important to learn new eating habits. The Living Well program takes the time with each individual to review current eating habits and activity level. The goal of Living Well Medical Center is to provide patients with creative ideas to make your new lifestyle realistic and give you the motivation to keep going, living well and looking good!

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